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    Winter, Flower

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      Hwang Sung Won
      Nov 23 - Dec 24, 2021

      2F, 16-4, Dosan-daero 81-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

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    The sensible world created by light and coincident 

    Winter, Flower
    Hwang, Sung-won’s world over the lens is full of creatures such as sky, light, trees, and flowers. Because of that, there are intangible and unexpected excitement and curiosity in her photos. More than that, she catches the most sensitive nature and landscape outside through her view and senses by the change of seasons and the floating time.
    Photographer Hwang, Sung-won is quite busy when she feels healthy and the sky is showing off its light. Normally, she strolls around her apartment with her old camera and spends time taking lots of photos. It is what she can do at the most. But the world in the frame is such an infinite universe to her and us. 

    You are struggling with ankylosing spondylitis. We don’t know how much painful it is, but would you tell us the level of pain? 
    Literally, all joints ache. I even feel some pain whenever I move to sit or stand up. When I touch the screen, it feels like electric torture. My fingers are numb and my head feels pressed down. Honestly, I don’t feel comfortable speaking with anyone. My stomach doesn’t work properly. It is hard to stabilize my body temperature and sometimes, it overwhelms me as much as I cannot be awake clearly. For that reason, I am afraid to make an appointment. The two most painful things are to be dealing with the pain and working constantly for my living despite my condition. There is nothing that I can do but be patient.

    What is the most important thing you think of while taking photos? 
    The light! I just love it. When I desperately thought about death, I saw the sunlight through the leaves and it was really warm in my heart. I was just icy in my mind and I never forgot the feeling at that moment that I was like being part of the light. it was such a big moment to experience the unity of the ego and the outside world. 
    It is like embedded pictures in completed works that the artist chased after lights and winds, but the photos that she created with them have lots of warm energy and hope. 

    Your photos look like blending in high-peaked waves and distortion and radical movements for unconsciousness, unreality, coincidence, pictoriality, and unknown daydream. What is it about?
    I would say it is vitality. I was enchanted to follow the lights but all I did at that moment was my desirable movement to die for life. In my 20’s, I worked on the <I’m still alive> exhibition and once I started going through extremely severe pains, I felt like my breathing was just desperate. After all. I could not help with falling for the power of Mother of nature. Nature is so fascinating. 

    What makes you attracted?
    Distorted shapes and colors that keep changing on how fast I move caught me. As soon as dancing leaves, all the directions show up, and I feel like absorbing myself into them. At that moment, I lost myself but, became someone new who truly assimilated into nature. Isn’t it cool?
    Photographer Hwang, Sung-won’s <Winter, Flower> is something that you feel so mystical and glamorous. Her 5th solo exhibition is a hybrid and combined new things through various materials. Therefore, she completed 18 pieces of work parade to show the absorption of lights and shadows. 

    What is your intention or concept for this exhibition <Winter, Flower>? 
    JW Art Gallery wanted to show the exhibition differently. When the art director, Anouk talked about the plan, I quite liked it. When I even read her words to describe the whole concept, it is like she saw through my mind, and then, suddenly I got emotional. Especially, I loved that part of it, “You, your hand, steps, and the fate to go forward to bloom at the end. You make me feel beautiful and overwhelm me like that.” My life is hard like that phrase but, it is not always like that on other hand. So, I was trying to express my willingness that would make things pure and elegant out of harsh environments around me as a destiny. Thus, I am planning to show artworks that have more lights. 

    What do we exactly see, to be specific? 
    It would be divided into 2 sectors, which are flower and winter, respectively. There is something sparkling objects such as glass vases and trees that move by the wind. I wanted to say it is not only us going through this stupid and crazy time at this moment but also our nature that should be with us. In another way to speak of, I think the city and nature have to be supporting and helping each other as one since we are not separated. And, I tried to show the meaning of this exhibition. 
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