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    Nondeterministic nonperiodic flow

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      Shin Ye Jin
      May 16 - July 15, 2022

      2F, 16-4, Dosan-daero 81-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

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      SHIN, YE-JIN

    Episodes of Chaos: Nature Sublimated to Healing and Restoration

    Nondeterministic Nonperiodic Flow
    The sixth exhibition of JW Fine Art Gallery is an installation artist, sculptor, and ceramic artist Shin Ye-jin, who is presenting various three-dimensional art. The artist has freely introduced the natural objects imprinted in childhood through her interpretation. The exhibition titled <Nondeterministic Nonperiodic Flow> proposes a comprehensive perspective and points of appreciation for a specific phenomenon in nature that cannot be proven.
    You majored in sculpture and now are doing installation art. I wonder what motivated you to do art and why you moved to installation.
    In contemporary art, expressions and boundaries such as sculpture, western painting, oriental painting, and installation seem to have no meaning anymore. Of course, there are some genre divisions, but in the end, I became to think about how to convey the story I want to tell most effectively. So, when I design my work, I don't put any limitations. Normally, I solve it without plus & minus within the range that I can recognize. Thanks to this, I am making works without any distinction between flat works and mediums such as sculpture and installation.

    Was there any reason why you were interested in ceramics as a medium for your work?
    I think the biggest attraction is being able to create an intuitive form. But it was not the way I had chosen from the beginning. 

    Rather, it was out of interest. Funny to say, but when I have been working on the project for a while, the most frequent feedback was “Is this porcelain?” or “It looks like porcelain.” It was a question that even critics were asked in common. 
    Gradually, I started thinking, ‘Why the hell my work looks like pottery?” because I'd never thought of it that way. However, it kept me alert and affected me to study some related works intentionally or not. Finally, when I had a look at them, they looked like ceramics to me as well. At that moment, I was curious about what it would feel like if I had made it with real ceramic techniques.
    What kind of existence is nature to you, especially butterflies? And, did you embody a specific butterfly?
    Butterflies are one of the creatures of nature that we caught and played with when I was young. It has no specific meaning or special object in mind.

    I wonder when you first became interested in the subject of butterflies.
    I may be stuck in the wings of a butterfly rather than the butterfly as an object. If you look closely at my work, the butterfly has no body, only wings. There are also other works made with the wings of different species, such as dragonflies and grasshoppers. These are memories of a life that remain as a touch.

    When I was a child, I had a pure heart, but sadistically, I ripped off the wings of insects and put them in my pockets to show off (to my friends). Odd, isn’t it? Anyway, I just hope you enjoy the butterflies and other insect works as reconstructed based on these memories.

    I think you will find inspiration for your work in nature.
    I tend to look for 'materials' in nature rather than 'inspiration'. I take pictures of natural objects, collect them, and use Photoshop to transform them one by one all the time. In addition, a lot of research related to the location is required. The world around us is constantly changing and developing. Thus, I try to find a visually interesting form among them, and I borrow that form and use it as a background for my drawing work.
    The fifth solo exhibition is being held at JW Art Gallery, please tell me the concept of that. 
    In early 2021, I held my fourth solo exhibition at the Gimhae Culture Center. So, I want the viewers to anticipate this exhibition at JW as an extension of the previous exhibition <Natural Design>.

    Is there any reason why you took this as a concept?
    In the case of <Natural Design>, I thought about 'nature's position'. Ultimately, it started with the question, “What will the city look like when it is redeveloped?” The purpose was to look back on the brutal urban development projects that humans have done to nature. 
     This exhibition of <Nondeterministic Nonperiodic Flow> by JW is a bit special because it is a collection of works that I have exhibited under the big theme of ‘Nature Design Project’. I would say this is a total summary of works created in the process from the first exhibition <Nature Reconstructed with Touch> to the ‘Nature Design Project’. In particular, I focused on the ideal natural city shape made of ceramics. Other than that, drawings and art products in the archive will be exhibited together.
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